Chocolate Tangrams Product Design

Square 360° Sweets was developed in direct association with Arc 360. It was a studio investment to ensure quality at every degree for the perfect taste experience. For a Chocolate Tangrams product, we were looking for a way to create a chocolate bar that is a delicious way to share good tastes in chocolate and fun. Tangrams are a Chinese puzzle consisting of a square cut into five triangles, a square, and a rhomboid. They can be combined by master puzzlers for centuries. The product packaging invites us to experiment with the shapes to create our own custom solutions.Each tangram chocolate piece is individually wrapped in paperboard package to allow for puzzle play well after the chocolate bar had been consumed. The outer package containing the chocolate pieces acts like a case to store and protect the pieces. This made the product keepable and would allow the package to be used and reused for additional visual marketing. Competition for this product would come from other premium chocolate companies.This idea was shaped across a range of product media, including point-of-purchase and trade show materials.